How to claim your account

Once SAM has created an account, the employee's hiring manager will receive an e-mail message with instructions that can be given to the employee to self-register their account. This e-mail can be provided via print hardcopy or forwarded to the employee's personal e-mail address.

The self-registration process is called "Account Claim", and can be performed using any computer or mobile device (like a smartphone) with Internet access.

Step 1: Visit and click on Claim My Account.

Step 2: Enter your Employee Number and the Cost Center number that are on your personnel file. If you do not know this information, check with your supervisor.

Account Claim Starting Page

Step 3: Review and acknowledge Davey's Acceptable Usage Policy.

Account Claim AUP

Step 4: The next screen will tell you your User ID. Most Davey systems will allow you to sign on with your Davey e-mail address or your User ID, though a few still require User ID so make note of this.

Step 5: Update your personal information. By providing a mobile number or an alternate (non-Davey) email address, we can send you a message to help reset a forgotten password any time day or night.

Step 6: Set your password.

Step 7: Your accounts are now ready for use. The system will forward you to a landing page with some useful information to help you get started.