How to check the status of your access request

If you've had to make a manual request for access that the System Access Manager did not give you automatically, you can find out whose approval your request is waiting for.

Step 1: Sign into the System Access Management Portal at

Please review and update your profile information. If you haven't provided a mobile phone number or alternate e-mail address, please do so at this time. If you ever forget your password, we can send you a message any time of the day using these contact methods to help you reset it, otherwise you'll have to call the IT Service Desk during business hours.

Step 2: Click on the Requests tab at the top of the page, then click on View Requests.

Step 3: A list of requests will be shown. Requests that have not been approved yet are listed with a status of Pending.

-To get more information on a specific request, click on the little triangle to the left of the request. -To cancel your request, click on the crossed-circle icon to the right of the request.

You can use the search boxes at the top of the list to help find your resource within a category, or you can select the "Search" category to search across the entire list of resources.

You can see from the output that the request is currently ASSIGNED to user Iam, Tst. For help with this access request, you should reach out to the approver directly.

If the "Time for Approval" timer expires before your request is approved, your request will be cancelled and you'll have to submit a new request.