Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I still have to fill out an access request form? In most cases, no. Most access should be assigned automatically. However, if you find you don't have access to what you need, you can request the access manually.

  • Where do I go to request...? SAM is used for requesting accounts and access within Davey computer systems. Other requests for physical objects like door badges, telephones, and computer equipment should be submitted via a ticket using or an e-mail to See the list below for details:

Use SAM to request access for.. Open an IT Service Desk ticket for..
E-mail distribution group Equipment request (PC, Laptop)
Access to a Windows shared drive Telephone add/change requests
SAP PRD account SAP QA4 or DV4 account
Additional roles in SAP PRD Additional roles in SAP QA4 or DV4
CRM or Qlikview Building door access
Access to someone else's mail or files
Fax to e-mail
  • I requested access, why don't I have it yet? Access to any resource requires the approval of its owner. If you've just submitted your access request, it could take a few hours or days before the owner approves your access. Once the access is approved, it will be granted immediately. If you're in a hurry, check the status of your request to see who is supposed to approve your request.

  • I've returned from leave of absense or layoff and my password doesn't work. You can either use the Forgot Password link at or contact the IT Service Desk to reset your account. Please note that your account cannot be reactivated until HR has reactivated your employee record.

  • How to a remove someone's access? Please e-mail your request to Access removal requests will be coming in a future version of SAM.

  • How do I request access for a temporary employee or contractor? Submit an external employee hire form to the Human Resource department. The user account will be created just like any other employee. When the user no longer requires access, simply file a termination request with HR and the user's access will be removed.